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Dust suppression

Dust Universal Solution and Technologies

Dust Universal Solution and Technologies (DUST) mainly deals with the management and control of dust from various sources.

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About DUST

DUST” stands for “Dust Universal Solution and Technologies”. It mainly deals with the management and control of dust from various sources. Dust suppression

Dust in other scientific terms mainly comprises particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5, and PM1.0). There are various sources of particulate matter like vehicles, construction and demolition activities, industrial sources, burning, mining activities, and many more. Particulate matters are minute in size which causes various health impacts like cough, irritation, lung disorders, bronchitis, asthma, etc.

Hence, the basic aim of this company is to make people aware of issues caused by particulate matter and bring in scientific solutions for the same with innovative technological output. Our major focus is on pure scientific and engineering training, research, modeling, national-international knowledge management. We are a team of trained environmental professionals with skills in engineering, science, economics, planning, audits, data analysis, policy analyses, its impact, etc. We are supported by experts from India as well as abroad who not only provide wide-ranging knowledge but also provide a diversity of expertise.

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We follow a solution-based approach in a scientific manner

Universal Dust Solutions

Dust suppression

Dust Control Agent or Suppressants

A dust suppressant is a material used to control particulate matter. Some commonly-used dust suppressants include Salts, such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Organic petroleum products, such as asphalt emulsions. Organic non-petroleum products, like lignosulfonates, vegetable oils, and tall oil

Wet Scrubbers and Cyclone Dust Collectors

Wet Scrubbers and Cyclone Dust Collectors

A dust collector is a system used to enhance the quality of air released from industrial and commercial processes by collecting dust and other impurities from air or gas. Designed to handle high-volume dust loads, a dust collector system consists of a blower, dust filter, a filter-cleaning system, and a dust receptacle or dust removal system. It is distinguished from air purifiers, which use disposable filters to remove dust.


Atomised Mist

This means the spray has very little momentum and hence is at the mercy of any air currents. Air atomizing nozzles use compressed air to break up the fluid but also use the air pressure to project the spray forwards, meaning they can deliver very fine sprays many meters, even in windy conditions.

What we can provide

Dust Control Agent or Suppressants
Field Applications
Technology Retrofitting
Application on Storage materials
Application using Sprinklers
On-Road Applications

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Client Testimonial

As always when we work with DustIndia they have always provided great service and they have seen to it that our requirements are met. We are extremely happy with DustIndia’s team as they are professional, courteous, and helpful. Reports are delivered promptly and the information is comprehensive and accurate.

An overall excellent service to be truthful.

Rajesh Patil

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Dust suppression

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